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Whether i'm in class at the 'Groundlings' or 'Lesly Kahn', writing + producing sketches with my writing partner, bringing characters to life on TV and in film and commercials, or recording for my podcast, I am so in love with this place and this process it's, like, MY HEAVEN.  


I've always known that I would settle in LA.  

I'd dream about moving in with AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys and singing each other to sleep every night in our California King bed.  (Hi, AJ..What's up?)  When I realized facial hair chinstraps were not for me and that my priority was actually to grow as an artist, I found myself do I get out there?  I kept working and honing my craft, networking like crazy, and, every day, envisioning my life out here.  YEA IT'S WOO-WOO.  But it worked.   

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